14 cameras and 2 chips: what will the Apple mixed reality headset be like


Coming out in 2023

The other day we learned that Apple presented the first version of the mixed reality headset to the board of directors of the company. Now The Information journalists have learned the details about the device.

It is reported that the headset will have 14 cameras to create realistic avatars of the owners. These avatars will be able to convey human facial expressions.

It also became known that the mixed reality gadget will be a completely autonomous device, that is, it will not need to be connected to other Apple devices.

The headset will have two chips installed at once: one is an analogue of the proprietary M2, which is expected to become the basis of the MacBook Air and iPad at the end of 2022.

Journalists also learned that former Apple chief designer Jony Ive was involved in the project. In particular, he helped with battery placement, cameras, and ergonomics. Mixed reality will be controlled by hand tracking.

Earlier, Bloomberg wrote that they want to start selling the headset in 2023 at a price of $2,000.