10 ways to breathe new life into an old tablet


Old tablet

Progress does not stand still, and from time to time we update our gadgets. And we send the old ones to gather dust on the shelf, even if they continue to work perfectly. It is possible that you just have a working tablet lying around at home. Leaving it idle is terribly wasteful, so we have already figured out where to attach it. Let’s discuss 10 ways to breathe new life into an old tablet.


Trackpad for computer

External trackpads for PCs are usually expensive, but there is an alternative. For example, use a tablet screen as a touch pad. All that is required is a special application and 5 minutes of time to figure out the settings.

Programs such as Unified Remote allow you to connect your tablet to your computer via Wi-Fi (or Bluetooth). Then its display will act as an input device. This is convenient, for example, in graphic editors, where you can zoom in with a pinch on the screen, or swipe to scroll pages in the browser.


video calls

If your tablet has a camera, you can use it as a webcam for your computer. You will need a holder to place the gadget in a convenient place, and then the devices are connected using the Iriun or Camo application (via USB cable or Wi-Fi). Thus, you can make video calls via Skype or Zoom, and the picture and sound will come from the camera of your tablet.

Video call

Help for science

Surprisingly, an old tablet could be of use to scientists who don’t have the finances to rent commercial super-PCs. To perform calculations, they turn to the power of smartphones and computers, which are provided by enthusiasts on a voluntary basis.


To participate in this on Android, you can use the DreamLab application , which is developed by Vodafone in conjunction with Imperial College London, or Zooniverse . Both programs allow you to choose which study will use the computing power of your tablet. The main thing is to make sure that the application remains enabled after the screen is locked.



Another nice option is to use an old tablet as a digital photo frame. Most popular photography apps, such as Google Photos , allow you to create such slideshows. It remains only to place the tablet in a conspicuous place, for example, attach it to the wall. The main thing is to put the gadget next to the outlet so that you do not have to charge it separately.


You can also use an old tablet as a reader. Digital books weigh nothing and are cheaper than their physical counterparts, and most works can be downloaded for free.


When using a reading tablet, it’s wise to shield yourself from distractions. Turn off notifications, remove unnecessary programs like instant messengers and YouTube. Of course, a reader with an E-Ink screen will not replace a tablet, but for free – why not?



The design of the tablet has a small proportion of precious metals – gold, platinum and silver. These “ingredients” are reused in production, so consider recycling your device.


Many supermarkets and electronics stores have containers for collecting electronic waste. You can also trade-in the tablet when buying a new device. The amount of compensation will certainly be scanty, but you will receive your plus sign in karma for a responsible attitude to the environment.



If the old tablet still looks neat, then you can make someone else happy with it. For example, give a gadget to a child, nephew or niece, or that cute neighbor.


Entertainment in the car

Modern cars usually have a large screen multimedia system, but in older cars you have to do it yourself. Luckily, Google has Android Auto, which lets you make hands-free calls, navigate, and play music on the go.


To do this, you only need a few things: the tablet itself, a decent car holder to fix it firmly on the dashboard, and an AUX cable or FM transmitter to connect the device to the car’s speakers.


good hobby

Android is an operating system that is ideal for experimentation and customization. But for this you need to at least get root rights, which many do not dare to do on their main smartphone. Thus, an old tablet can be used as a guinea pig to practice hacking skills, or vice versa, you can take it apart and see how everything works inside.



Probably the most obvious option. A tablet, whatever it is, still costs money. And if none of the proposed ideas impressed you, than leaving the device gathering dust on the shelf, it is better to sell it via the Internet and buy a case or some useful accessory for a new tablet.