10 most popular smartphones in the US. Motorola, iPhone, lots of Samsung Galaxy


The benchmark for those who prefer the most profitable smartphones in terms of price and performance is usually the Chinese market. There, buyers actively take models from new manufacturers that are dumping to conquer the market – these are Realme, iQOO and similar brands.

But in the US it’s the other way around. Americans prefer models of exclusively trusted brands like Apple and Samsung, which is confirmed by recent sales statistics.

Thus, the base iPhone 13 became the most popular smartphone in the US in the first half of 2022 , followed immediately by the iPhone 13 Pro Max and 13 Pro . The remaining two places in the top five went to the Koreans – these are the flagship Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and Galaxy S22.

Fans of compact models in a classic case provided the iPhone SE (2022) with the sixth place in the top, followed by a pair of budget phones from Samsung – Galaxy A13 and Galaxy 03.

The ninth line is occupied by the “fan-made” Galaxy S21 FE , which together gives Samsung 5 models out of 10 – one device more than Apple.

The only smartphone to break the Samsung/Apple duopoly was the Moto G Pure . Motorola is now owned by the Chinese from Lenovo, but apparently continues to be perceived by many Americans as their manufacturer, which is trustworthy.

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