10 Android apps to help you lose weight quickly and easily


They want a beautiful figure, and in principle they understand what is needed for this: eat less and move more. Hue lacks only willpower, but here a smartphone can help out, or  rather, an application for a phone that will help. Of course, it won’t be for you to diet or cut circles around the stadium for you – such programs are used for recreation. You will understand how to exercise properly , get a handy tool for counting calories and a diet diary.

We have put together a useful rating: below are the best weight loss apps for Android.


The first thing to do on the way to a beautiful figure is to take control of your diet. After all, the essence of losing weight can be described in one phrase: if a person burns more calories than he consumes, he loses weight. Fat Secret is the most popular calorie counter on Google Play. It shows the nutritional value and calorie content of individual products, dishes and products of different brands. Eaten food can be entered manually, or by quickly scanning a barcode. The application also allows you to record weight, set goals and track achievements.

Quitting Addictions and Habits

  • Why : To keep you motivated 
  • Download : Google Play

Prta program is not so much for fighting extra pounds, but for getting rid of bad habits that interfere with Fr. We select a goal (or several), launch the progress bar, and see how long the restrictions are observed. Jo desire – you can add different rewards. If you need pure weight loss motivation on your phone without unnecessary features, this is a great application. Works without the Internet, and is available in Russian.

Proper nutrition

  • Macham : switch to healthy food
  • Start : Google Play

Once we started counting calories, the next step should be to switch to proper nutrition to eat healthy. The DIL Studio offer includes a bunch of recipes with oto, step-by-step cooking instructions and calorie content of dishes. Rse recipes are divided into categories, there is a search for names and ingredients. You are currently browsing the archives for the Marketing Tips category. In general, a great helper for improving gastronomic habits.


Not everyone has fitness bracelets or smart watches, but you need to at least roughly understand the number of steps taken per day – this is the most basic indicator of human activity. Here Paser will help, which works without registration, and for free. A smartphone can be in your hand, pocket, jacket, or even in a bag. In addition to counting steps, the application can record the route of movement using GPS and show activity statistics for different periods on charts . Aim to walk 8,000 steps a day to keep fit and healthy. 


Often people who start exercising at home do it with the help of such applications with elementary training programs for a certain period. In principle, there is nothing wrong with this – try it yourself to accustom the body to physical activity, and only then move on to more serious fitness.

30days offers daily classes for a month, where each exercise is accompanied by a clear video instruction. There are several programs for different purposes working out the buttocks loading the press , burning fat). You can record your weight and track the graph of its change. According to reviews – one of the best applications for Android among analogues, has 4.9 stars with more than 600 thousand installations.

Zero-Cal Starvation Tracker

  • Why : switch to intermittent fasting
  • Download : Google Play

If you are tired of dieting, or you want to enhance its effect, switch to intermittent fasting. This is the name of an advanced nutrition system strictly in certain “time windows”: when you eat 8 hours a day, and do not eat the remaining 16 (but there are other schemes). Basically, this weight loss app for your phone is just a timer where you choose which intermittent fasting plan you want to follow, and the app will show you when you can eat and when you can’t. Compliance with the regime stimulates the metabolism, which contributes to more effective weight loss.


  • Why : learn how to recover and rest properly
  • Download : Google Play

Training and dietary restrictions are stressful for the body and your nervous system, so it is very important to pay enough attention to recovery. Meditopia, an application with a large selection of melodies and sounds of nature, which was created for meditation, can help with this. There are programs and voice prompts that will help you learn how to meditate. In general, it can be used by anyone who wants to work or relax under a pleasant, soothing sound background. 


  • Why : start running and lose weight intensively
  • Download : Google Play

A pedometer and home workouts are, of course, good, but everyone took it seriously, sooner or later. Our top weight loss apps for Android included a program from Adidas – Runtastic. A professional assistant for tracking your running and cycling workouts. Runtastic can record the route, speed, distance, climb, calories burned, and taveye yolgos. For example, you can set yourself the task of running 1000 km during the year, preparing for a marathon, or training in a short time so that you can overcome 10 km without rest. Pramo weight loss app is free, but it works only after registering an account. 

Nike Training Club

  • Why : for proper strength training
  • Download : Google Play

And this is a real personal fitness trainer in a smartphone from Nike. Includes 185 programs for athletes of all levels, for different durations and for different tasks, from calm yoga to shock training in the gym. You can search for selections by goal or by muscle groups, for example, to do a press or pump up cool buttocks. Each exercise is accompanied by a video instruction, so if you decide to go to the gym, but don’t know what and how to do yet, be sure to download it.


  • Why : mastering interval training
  • Download : Google Play

And finally, with the best weight loss app for Android, which will be appreciated  by those who are already deeply involved in sports. The fact is that interval training is the most effective in terms of effort expended and the result obtained. In addition, they are not as annoying as the usual monotonous training.

HIIT is a timer that can be used for any physical activity, and even ordinary activities, even to plan  work with studies. There are no nutrition plans and instructions for exercises, you should already understand what and how to do. The timer is needed to set the cycles and their duration. For example: 10 minutes of brisk running, 1 minute of brisk walking, 2 minutes of jogging, 3 minutes of squats, etc.

The application is good because it has very flexible settings – you can add the necessary signatures, pictures to the timer. Sequential workouts are provided (so that several timers start one after another), a built-in metronome, notifications, a voice assistant for reminders of what needs to be done right now, and a bunch of other useful little things.

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